Polish passport application query


I am planning to apply for a Polish passport once my citizenship is confirmed.

I understand that I have to also submit my divorce certificate, as part of the application. The divorce was 20 years ago and I went back to my maiden surname. I was told that I would also have to provide my ex partner's current address, as part of the process. Is this actually true? If so what happens if you can't provide this information because you don't have it, you don't know where this person is, and there is absolutely no way of me being able to find this person, even if I wanted to. What happens in this situation? Does the passport application get rejected?

Many thanks

Here is a passport application in Polish.  If needed in English, save the document and use Google Translate to display the document in English. 

https://www.gov.pl/web/usa-en/passport- … photograph

There is not much information about your situation, but you say that you are waiting for your citizenship to be confirmed.  From that, I can only guess that you have been living in Poland for many years or have Polish heritage.  The passport form does not ask any questions about previous marriages, etc.  It asks for your Polish ID and Pesel number.  I hope this helps.  More details would make it easier to answer the question.