jobs in Montpeiller

hello everyone, sneha here ;) I am going to move to Montpeiller by the  end of October.
can anyone suggest any place or any sites where I can look up for jobs in Montpeiller. I can speak French and English and I am ready to get a job in any sector( restaurant,hotels,babysitter ect...)

As for my husband he is only an English speaker,any suggestion where he can look up for job..

also can some body advice me  where we can look up for accommodation in Montpeiller for long term.

thank you in advance for your help:)

Hi Sneha,
Yay! You'll be (sorta) near me!
For accommodations, see and Be aware, if you are looking for furnished, the advertised places may be there just for short-term renters, and so not really available. Best bet is feet-on-the ground, check the immobilier agencies. Also try AirBnB, both for short-term (1-2 months when you get here, and are perhaps looking for long-term then) and for a possible long-term (some may consider renting for a year or more, but you would have to open that conversation).
For jobs, check (France gov site).
Also, if you are on Facebook, join the groups think south, long-duck ladies, and ladies in languedoc. All are great for anglophone contacts, and many own businesses that hire.
For more contacts, see and internations; both have a strong presence in Montpellier.
Welcome, and bonne chance!

Thanks Julie

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