informations concernig life and job in Montpellier

Hi everybody,
I would like to know about job'opportunities in Montpellier (I'm working as housekeeper manager at a hotel here in como, but now is going to finish), how is the life in that city (they told me good things about this)how much does it cost rent an house (for 4 people,conditions and terms), schools and health organisation, also the costs for this. Is it possible to speak with an italian family moved over there? From now I think we can speak also in french language (you know is better for me!!!!!!!) Waiting for yr reply best  regards Serena

I've already sent my message I do apologies if there are some problems of comprenhension

Hi Serena,

welcome to! :)

I invite you to have a look at other topics on the France forum. You may find some useful information.

Note that we also have a French version of Montpellier forum.

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