Im a Filipino moving to France

hi! Im married to a Filipina - French. We have a child and we're planning to move in France preferably in Paris early next year. Im just worried if I can easily find a job there.Well Im not picky in getting a job the problem is Im not fluent with my french yet.


what kind of job are you looking for ?

There are more English speaking-related jobs here in Paris than in any other part of France so that already helps. It would help if you learned French before you get here - take a crash course in the language before you arrive, if you can. Good luck with the move!

Im a nursing graduate. I don't have a license yet to perform as a nurse in the hospital so Im planning to apply as a caregiver or any health care jobs in Paris. I don't know where to find that job when I get there.

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Hi po...Im amber a filipina...gusto ko lang po itanong pano nyo po na ayos yung papers nyo?kase po im currenly working in bahrain so naisip ko po na kumuha ng vosit or tourist visa then dun ako mag hahanap ng work pano bo pa kaya ayusin ang papers??may kakilala po ba kayo???hope to hear your reply po thank you

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Hi im sorry...Im from philippines but currently working in bahrain in 5 star hotel if anyone could help me to process my papers find a job for me..coz i was thinking if i will have my vacation visa in paris its easy for me to get a visa but i dont have an idea how many percent the chance for me to get a job when im there?anyone there please help me i wanna leave bahrain as soon as possbile.

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I'm Filipina - though still struggling about the language but we're living happily in the Charente. Now, would love to met Filipina's fellows too in the area.

Thanks & more power!

@ Bgirl...hi! how long have you been in France? is it easy to get a job there?

Way back 2005 & half and half, i mean spending most of summer in France & winter in Phils. Now, about your enquiry - sorry, but have not got a clue but having been said that I'd seen lots of our co fellows working in the big city itself like Paris & etc....

hello  sa  taga pinas add you ako ha para usap tayo salamat<_>

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Hi Everyoe in Paris ,

I will be in this fabulous city this month of June eventually relocate myself  for good. Would be nice to know Filipino's living in France. Looking forward to share a drink or picnic in the garden. merci et a bientot.



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any filipinos in lyon?

Hi there I am Ivy from Lyon!Hope to meet my fellow countrymen here in Lyon;)


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Kenjee Team

Hello ma'am can you help me get a work in France. Tnx a lot. Please email me at Accounting/IT/Education/etc...

nofeara wrote:

Hello ma'am can you help me get a work in France. Tnx a lot. Please email me at Accounting/IT/Education/etc...

Welcome... :)

I suggest that you first read through the posts on this section of the forum for information.
You can also use our friend Google to look for work, visa information etc.

Hello nofeara , since ur asking a help to get you a work  here in france ... it's not possible you must be here in france personaly to find a job ... coz here they will not just simply get someone that they don't see :-) , unlike in other countries that they can apply for you ... so good for you :-)

Oh thank you for the replies. Uhm "coz here they will not just simply get someone that they don't see :-)" can you refer me to them. :D?, it's really hard to believed this for now but i am a very good worker that they might need. Besides, i really love going to France because i have a plan of living there,finding someone to be with me for a lifetime, for a reason that i don't know but i really want. So guys please help me get a job. se il vous plaît

As i had told you its not easy that some one will look for a job for you here ... you must come personally coz they will see if u really speak french, no matter how hard worker u are if you don't speak there language its useless ... unless u apply as a clearner or baby sitting ... but still u need to speak the language ... its by chance that you will find a job that they speak english but they will not declare ( not official ) ... you end up to hiding hiding ... coz if you don't have official documents working here ,its not good ... its better you find a french man et get married before u come to Paris ... more safe for u and chances more for you :-)

have a nice  day :-)

ok ok tnx, ill learn french language now..

Hi, have you adjusted here? Language wise especially?

Many people thinks its very easy to find a job in France but its very hard and its crisis .If you dont know how to speak french it would be very difficult.As of now many french people who cannot find jobs.Well if your living in Paris you have many chance to find job  as many people  speak english but about your diplome from philippines you cannot used it in France coz there is no value but you can ask a equivalent in it. you can find jobs in cleaning,baby sitting  but  you cannot find a find a work as what your diplome have. and if your living in provinces it would be very hard ,first you need a  car if your living in city there are many buses but many french arelooking for people  who have  own transport and can speak  french.

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Hi bgril in angouleme,

I dont know if we chat already but just want to say I lived also in Charente area with my family. I have a 20 months old son, were in Passirac area.

Hope to hear more from you.





Any Filipinos living in Manosque or Aix en Provence?

Hi everyone I'm Rhiz from Philippines I would like to ask how can I go to France ? I want to go there for vacation  Is there an agency who can help me?

Hi Rhizzie,

Please note that this is an old topic. About your question, i guess you should contact the French embassy in your country to know the procedure to get a tourist visa.

hi, this is an old post, but answers can still be helpful for others.
your nursing studies might not be recognized in france to work in hospitals or as a titled nurse...
but there are always ways...
you could for exemple work as a private nurse, care giver to old people, in their house, there are such jobs in our "gorwing old" population.
you could go to philippine embassy in paris, in 16th arrondissement, your patriots would be very helpful, just avoid the scamming ones.