Work for Americans in France?


I'm an American considering a move to France, mostly for the experience of it all, but also to learn French. The problem is, I know very little French right now and haven't been able to find any viable job options within France. I don't want to move out there (I'm in New York City currently) without a job. Does anyone have any ideas for jobs in France that commonly hire non-French speaking people or people with minimal knowledge of the language (but are willing to learn!)? I've heard of jobs assisting English teachers but those all seem to require knowledge of French. Any info/advice/resources would be hugely appreciated:-)

Hi sauceymcsauce, and welcome,

as I am in France I can try to help you. You should check big international employment websites, such as, and check in their france ads. I know a lot of companies want to hire native american speakers. Then you should contact american schools in France, they might be looking for teachers or assistants.

Have you already got information about obtaining a visa for France? (I don't know the process but it would be very interesting if anybody could share this knowledge with us)

I wish you a lot of success in your moving project.

nb: that's actually funny, I am in Paris and I'd love to live in NY, and you are in NY and you would like to come here in Paris. We should swap our lifes :)

Thanks Julien! I'll let you know what kind of luck I have with that..keep the suggestions coming:-)

And also, sure..let's switch lives. Although I highly doubt you will enjoy my oh-so-exciting desk job;-)