Working visa/finding a company to sponsor you - help!

Hi guys,

I am currently in my final year of university in the US and I am trying to move to Lille to be with my boyfriend after I graduate in June. As I have been on my job search, I have found quite a few promising positions, however, almost every single one of them require you to already have a work visa before you can apply. Unfortunately, I have found that in order to gain a work visa, you have to have a company sponsor you, which costs them money and a lot of time to go through paperwork - therefore not many are willing to do it. How did you find a company to sponsor you or how did you get a work visa if you are not from the EU? Any help is greatly appreciated.


It's very hard to find a sponsor, because you must have a graduate or a speciality that French people haven't, or work in a science area...

And with 10% of unemployment (20 in North), you can understand to employ non-EU/Schengen is not a priority for French companies

I can understand your situation Jessica ! I am from Malaysia and would like to move to France to be with my boyfriend, yet I cannot find any company to sponsor my visa in France :(