How to find a job that sponsors a visa

Hello, I am an American citizen married to a British citizen, and we are interested in living in Marseilles or Barcelona, but we would need visas in order to stay longer than 3 months. Does anyone have any insight on jobs that sponsor you with a work visa? I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and my wife in English Literature, but we also have TESOL certificates and have experience teaching English. We are open to trying new types of work too, though.


I am self employed and doing BnB at my house. I think self employment is good if you can speak French. In jobcentres they require B1 level now, it used to be A2. Good luck, France is so beautiful and people are very polite and charmimg but BREXIT has caused many blocks and delays. I voted remain, I wish we were back with the European Union or in the single market for trade. Businesses will go bust. best wishes to both of you

Thank you very much! Would self employed get us a long stay visa?

Yes, you can get an Autoprneur visa for one year by being self-employed. renewable each year.  Check out this website: I haven't used her service personally but she seems to be focused on this area and seems smart.

If you want to get a CDI through sponsorship you can with a basic level of French B1. Mechanical engineering is a field where they will overlook fluency in French. Your wife can get a CDI through a kid's language school of some sort. It's a long shot though but you will never know until you try. You need to master french in either case. I've heard Spain is more expat-friendly.

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