Filipino, seeking for job and friendship in Pau, France

Hello! my name is Jennifer Fischer and I came from Rizal, Philippines. Now living in Artix France. I arrived in France last February 2014 and got married with a French Citizen. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administrations major in Marketing in Philippines and had my work experience in this field. I am currently now learning french but can speak fluintly in Tagalog and English language. so I need to find a job which I can either not do too much talking in French. I got my extension visa till August 2015. And also hoping to find fellow Filipinos close around Pau, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Tarbe and Lourdes. Or any jobs anyone could help me out with please. Have a great day to all. God Bless!

Thank you,

Hello Jennifer, welcome on board :)

I suggest you place an advert in our section Jobs in France so as to increase you chance of being contacted whenever there is a vacancy in your chosen field of work.

Good luck for your job hunting.



Hi Jennifer, hope you'll find what you are looking for, best

Thank you guys for your reply and best of luck to you too!

Hello Jennifer, kamusta? I'm anthony living in Pau , my gf she's Philippine but not yet in France maybe October or November. I would like to meet philipino in France for friendship! Thank
God bless

I would be glad to meet you before i leave for china. I am in pau...

Hello Anthony & Joy,

Thanks for your letter. I am very well fine. So nice to hear that you are in a relationship with a Filipina and yes ofcourse. Friendship is always welcome. Perhalps we could have coffee sometimes and hoping that your girlfriend will be arrived soon. I will send to your inbox my contact number.

Best regards and see you soon!

Hello po Bianca3079. Sorry for my late reply. I was wondering if you are still in Pau? Hope to hear from you.

Best regards,

I am in China right now but will be back in September to study. By then, we can hang out. Take care.

Hi Jennifer Fischer,

Are you still in the Pau area?  I am Filipina/American, my husband and I live in Grenoble, France.  But are looking to relocate to the Pau area.  I would be happy to connect with you.

Sincerely,  Janette

I am filipina currently live here in Orleans France, I would like to know if there are some Filipino in this area coz I am just new in France,so far I arived last March 9th but suddenly lockdown imposed since then,I just stayed at home and just been outside sometimes to buy some groceries, I would like to be friends and connect with new friends specially Filipinos or French has filipina wives residing in France.Thank you and keep safe @Covid

Hi Jennifer,

I'm a Filipina as well who just arrived in france last December. I'm living in Carbonne France. How's things going with you?