Teaching english in France

Hello, my name is Rollin. It is my heart's desire to move to France. But I need help getting there. I am 49, well educated (degrees in History and Biology), and am wondering how realistic it is to make a living teaching english in France?? If it is practical, does it matter which TEFL course I take?  Lots of questions. Anyway, I appreciate your time.

This is Rollin again. If teaching English in France is not practical, could you recommend another staregy? Thanks


Hello and welcome on board !

Please note that I have created this new thread on the France forum from your post so that members can guide you.

While waiting for their responses, feel free to read the Living in France guide for expats. It contains articles about work and job market.

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Hi Rollin,

I am not an expert on working in France, but when I lived in a village in the Cote d'azur many years ago, I did teach conversational French to school kids and also helped them with English homework and exam preparation.  It gave me pocket money only.  I have a French friend who now teaches English in a school, but that hardly pays either.  The advice I was given by the French equivalent of the job centre was go into 'services'.  Waiting tables, bar work, shop work etc.  It is hard to break into the French workforce market unless you start your own.

Sorry I cannot help further.

Does anybody know of any companies that hire English speaking customer support agents? 🤔


Unless having proper credentials, it is impossible to find a teaching job in a French school.

Only possible to do private tutoring or grabbing a few hours here and there in a French structure not concerned by quality of teaching.  These are only for pocket money and nothing else.

Anyway, the question is what is your nationality? If none from the UE, you have to find a potential employer in France who will have to prove that no one can't be hired in France and UE in order to be issued a visa. Of course you may not arrive in France without said visa.

Needless to say that working visa are not granted for anything unreliable and paid a few euros.