Working in Europe as Asian


Dear all,

Trust all is well these days.

I'm from Vietnam, I wonder there is opportunities to work in Europe for a Vietnamese?

I have bachelor degree in Business Administration, experiences to work as Business consultant around some Asia countries, also opened my own business for 5 years in Ho Chi Minh, just closed Bcz I would like to explore more. Besides, I got some certificates in theology, biology. I'm very good at selling and customer services stuff I suppose.

With all that qualifications, what kind of jobs and country I could work there?

All advises are appreciated and welcome. Thank you so much.

  • Lily

Hello Lily,

Welcome on board !

Since you posted on the France forum, I won't be providing any general info on Europe (as each country is different). I would think that to work in France, it would be necessary to understand french. Feel free to read the Living in France guide for expatsfor more info.

Maybe you could try the UK instead ...

Try posting your question on the England forum




Hi, I am not at all specialized in those kinda things but I do know, from reading articles, that things like teaching and nursing are always in demand. Though you need to follow some conversion courses and exams ...

The best chance you get comes down to getting a job offer so you can start in a legal way

good luck to you and go for it ... make your dreams come true !!!


Thank you so much, I have been studying Catholic Bioethics and trying to gain cerfication and will see what more requirements. God bless you.


thank you so much. I will try at England.