Thinking about moving to Montpellier

Hi everyone!  :)
I'm new on the forum... so, let me introduce myself a bit :)
I'm Italian living in Genoa and working as a teacher.
Yet, I'm no longer satisfied with my life in here and I'm thinking about moving to France and hopefully get a nice job in the Tourism field. I can speak English, French and Spanish and I'd like to use my language skills and my passion for traveling in my future carreer.
In my city there's no job opportunities at all and I always thought France can be a good choice for me, especially PACA and Languedoc-Roussillon regions.
Besides holidays, I spent a couple of months in Savoy few years ago and one year in New York.

I'll welcome any advice ;)

Hello Ali_P,

Welcome on board  :)

Do you mind telling us why did you choose the PACA and Languedoc Roussillon region ?

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Hi Bhavna!

Thank you for your advice :)

I've been several times in PACA on holidays and sometimes for work (I worked at the boat show in Cannes for several years..) and I love this region. It's actually only a couple of hours away from my city in Italy and I like having the beach and the mountain close by.

I've never been in Languedoc-Roussillon, though. Yet, Montpellier is known for its Universities and I took some information about the area... It seems nice, quite easy to reach (by car or plane...) but I really don't mind to move to another place as long as I can find a job there :)

Does it sound crazy?  :joking:

Hi again Ali_P,

[at]Does it sound crazy ? Not at all  ;) Few people fail to fall for the city.

There are indeed opportunities everywhere, and hopefully you will find what best suits you soon.

Best of luck,

Thank you, Bhavna!
I hope I'm going to find my way soon!

Have a nice day :)


Hi Ali,

Are you in Montpellier? I'm moving there next week and would like to make some friends!

Montpellier region is devasted by unemployment, and tourism jobs are seasonal so, with only six months of work per year...

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