Mexican looking for an internship or temporary job in Montpellier!


I'm María and I'm a Mexican looking for a temporary job or internship in Montpellier, France.

I'll graduate from school this December, so I currently don't have any experience at working, I've only carried out three internships in the Hotel industry: two in Mexico City and the last one in a tiny but beautiful village in France called Cabrières.

I speak fluently English and my level of French is intermediate.

I would really love if you guys know any webpage or agency that can help me to search for a job (graduated students with no working experience) or an internship in Montpellier and if there are any types of support for foreigner graduated students.

Thanks for your time and attention!

Hi Maria and welcome to the forum  :)

You will find some useful information here : Internships in France

You may also drop a detailed "looking for" ad along with your cv in the Jobs in Montpellier section of the website for better visibility.

All the best,

Hey Bhavna, thanks for your help! I'll check those sections out!

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