Will I need a visa if I've an Entry Permit?

I live in India. A company in Nairobi has offered me a job. The employer has filed an application (on Form 25) so that I may be given an Entry permit. I have included my wife's and children's names on the form. They eventually will need dependent visas (or passes?).

1. Once a foreign worker is granted "Entry Permit",  will he need a visa to enter the country? If so, what's the whole point of an employer securing an Entry Permit for him?

2. Besides, if a visa is required in addition to an Entry Permit, what visa should I apply for in order to live and work in Kenya over an extended period of time?

3. Is the Entry Permit the same as Work Permit? If not, when and how should I apply for a Work Permit?
Please correct me if I'm mistaken in any of the assumptions that led me to ask these questions. Thank you.

The answer is in the question :)... You get a work permit and dependent passes for family

Thank you. In that case, I'm assuming that no further visas are required.

for entry in Kenya is on arrival with 3 month tourist base, but you want to go for work than the company should apply your visa and you will allow to work in Kenya.
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