Reliable recruiting Agencies !!


Are there any reliable recruiting agencies or head-hunters? That can promote expat for a good/decent job opportunity in field of Contracts/Commercial/Claims Management either in O&G/Power/Energy/Infrastructure /manufacturing sector.


Kedar C

Hi Kedar C,

Professionals are either registered or recommended in the Jobs in Thailand section of the business directory.

You might have a look.

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Thanks Bhavna , but In the section of Jobs In Thailand, there ws no relevant information in regard to my requirement, hence I started this thread

Kedar C

Google is your friend.

Thanks Stumpy, but I have exhausted all the possible resources from Goddess Google!

Then list of companies offering services in recruiting and headhunting is long - like in any other country of the world. You will find all the big ones here (in Thailand, or cover Thailand from Singapore), as well as many smaller ones. And all are thrown to death with requests and CVs, plus easy access to more CVs through web channels (LikedIn, Monster, etc. ...). And of course every company claims to exclusively work for a company - what often enough is not the case. And all candidates feels they are THE one the recruiter is waiting for. Even if you manage your way into their database, they will always present more than one CV to their clients.

In sales terms I advise: You have to develop your own target marketing approach and go for cold calling to close a contract (... and an employment contract is just a contract like any other ...). It requires research and preparation. Prepare a list of target companies, find out what their problem is. Get to talk to the person in charge that will be happy to listen to your solution to their problem - and convince them you to be THE one.

Good luck!

Thanks Torsten, Iam doing cold email from linkedin. Hope to get a response soon,.

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