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Hello, I am moving to Brussels from the US at the beginning of October and have been a few times for work and am generally familiar with the areas. I do a lot of traveling for work so being near a station to get to Zaventem airport quickly would be ideal. I'm also hoping to meet people and find a roommate as well to start building a network and make the transition a little easier. Any good recommendations for good ways to meet people, find a roommate, or build a network would be appreciated!

Travel to the airport by train is expensive due to the diablo supplement levied which paid the cost of extension. Find out how much travel costs your employer will pay before considering train.

Trains go through Schuman, Luxembourg and etterbeek stations now. As well as midi, central and nord, Schuman to etterbeek are more desirable to live and might offer more shared housing.

Buses are frequent to airport, you can pay a supplement on monthly stib pass if you use bus no 12. An alternative are De lijn buses from roodebeek metro, a more suburban area to live.

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