Hungarian private pension

I have finally decided to start a private pension fund. I have been working here for about 6 years and made a decision that maybe I will be retiring here too.
I am hoping if anyone has any recommendations, advice or ideas on this. Thank you !

For most people the only options they should consider are either a individual retirement savings account or a mutual fund. For either (or both, as you do both at the same time if you have the money) you should talk to someone in a larger International bank. In fact, very advisable to shop around with different banks before deciding.

Good advice to only use a legit bank or tried and true investment.
I know zero to nothing about this really but our neighbor works for a guy ( not sure how he fits into the skiem of things really)
This guy is or was well off here in Hungary, traveled the world everywhere all the time selling medical supplies. Big conventions all over the world. In fact we met up with him in Las Vegas when he attended a show there for a few days.
took him out to dinner and showed him downtown Vegas etc.
Just as a favor to our neighbor.
See him here once in a blue moon when he is in our building, not super friendly with him. Anyways in Vegas inside our son's home, he was going on and on about how he invested in a pension plan here in Hungary and it went under, this was perhaps 7-8 years back.
He lost millions of Forints in his investment in the country run retirement pension.
Investigate everything first and watch out for pensions that promise quick results.

Sorry, that would be scheme and not skiem... losing it slowly.

Thank you klsallee & marilyn

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