Language Exchange

Hello everyone,
I am looking for native or fluent speakers to exchange my language with , I am a native arabic speaker ,I am eager to learn new languages and also to improve my English and French skills.

I can Help you with your English
I'm also looking for French and Spanish

Hello everyone,

Well I pretty much speak the 3 of them, let me know if you're arranging something soon!


Hey! We can help each other  :D I really need to improve my Arabic, and I am a native Portuguese speaker.

Hello, you teach portuguese?

I never actually teached anyone Portuguese, but I am good at teaching English, so I think I can help with the Portuguese.  ;)  :top:

I never actually teached anyone Portuguese, but I am good at teaching English, so I think I can help with the Portuguese.  ;)  :top:

I am also looking for someone to help improve my French. I have a teacher who can give personal lessons for LE 100 per hour.

Thanks Julia, my best friend was looking for a portuguese language teacher. I will tell her and send you a message if she still didn't find a teacher.

Hello :D
I can help you with polish if you see it helpful for you I am interested in any language as well

I can help with English in return of french .

I would love to teach, a girl to speak or write English. I got very good marks in English. In return for Arabic. I have been here in hayal ashir, for 4 weeks and still didn't learn anything. Thank you in advance. Jamal

I am fluent with the following  languages
English (lived in the UK for nearly 20 years)
Standard Arabic
I am currently looking for an English,science and Math teacher from Kenya for my children who were born and raised in the UK, but staying here in Cairo.
If you could meet the above, please do let me know as I am going back soon to the UK.

I don't know if you wanna practice English or not but I hope that cause I wanna partner to practice English

I speak Arabic, English ,Frensh and beginner of Spanish Language, looking for persons who speak Spanish very good or native.

Well, I am interested too to have French conversation with you if possible...I am fluent English speaker and I speak Czech too. I know fair German... :)

well everyone will keep say i can and i can but real exchange ... it never happened  :D  love to exchange languages & wish to learn more Spanish , im speaking Arabic & English ^_^

One of the hardest languages ever hehe

Dzien Dobry Poba  :top: ,
jak sie masz ? :D , Actually i used to practice polish before with my friends , unfortunately they traveled back to Poland now , i was interested in Polish Cinema especially works for Keisloweski , it would be nice if we can exchange , i can speak English , Arabic and German ,
Have a Great day .

Hello Mayar
I tried reply to your post about language exchange but I can't send private messages from an year now, so I hope you will read this post .
I'm italian and I will arrive Egypt this week if there is no Problem. I cant offer more than Italian and some english unfortunately .

Italian mothertongue and English here.

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