Help with finding my father's family


I am not an expat but am reaching out in the hopes that English speakers in Belgium can assist me somewhat.

I have been attempting to find my father's real father who he never knew. I only had a date, his name and that he was in the Belgian Army. I believe through the help of the Belgian Military I have found him and that he died in 2006.

So now, I would like to attempt to find his family and see if my father has any brothers/sisters or other relatives that we can locate.

I'm at a bit of a loss where to go now that I have hit this dead end as I do not know the name of anyone else in the family.

Does anyone know who I would contact about death records or the like? Hoping to find some more info, maybe who his children were and such...

Robert Preston

Welcome on Robert Preston,

I hope that other members will be able to give you some hints concerning this issue soon.


If you know the name of your grand father and were he was born or died, you could try to explain the situation to someone in the commune... they register everithing... maybe you can find out if he had other children or a wife?

Good luck

Hi carina,

I know he died in Veurne and that his wife's name was Jutta Wilcke. I do not know who to contact though if I were to try and find a death certificate or similar... can you help me find this?


Hey give me a email I may be able to help I know someone who used to be in the Belgium Army etc

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