Carta di Soggiorno is a work permit?

Hi Everyone,

I have one difficult thing that need to consult your opinions. I've been living in Italy for one year with Carta di Soggiono di familiare di un cittadino dell'unione (Residence card of a family member of a union citizen). After some researching on internet I found out that this card is a permanent residence card and is renewable. What I'm confusing is whether this card also a work permit - which i can use to work in Italy or in other EU countries? Or in order to get a job around here, I have to ask for a work permit? If yes what type of work permit i should apply for?

Thank you every one.

I was living in Italy for three years with my Italian carta Di soggiorno Di familiare du un cittadino  dell`unione now move to Sweden...I want to know how change it work permit

You are now in Sweden?

Then you should ask in the Swedish forum what you need to do.

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