Concerning data flow

I would like to ask, if it is possible to re-process my data flow for my certificate of employement? Because i just learned that the one that I gave is just the temporary certificate that the hospital was issued to me and i need to get the real one in our capitol, they are the responsible for the actual certificate. And now I'm facing a big problem here. Is it possible to re-process again? Kindly answer pls.

hi chin I am also having the same problem.. actually my former employer did my dataflow application they put my email add that was written on my resume the problem was its no longer working so I cant check if data flow team was asking for additional proof since I cant even access my account.. my license will expire soon and I am very nervous about this.

My employer didn't told me this until I am asking for my final exit visa, since my contract was finished already and i don't want to renew. Now, i am fixing this, asking help from our embassy. You need to know the problem early as possible, if there is.

Whats the problem? They wont give you final exit is that it? Why? Because you have an open case?? They knew the problem they should gieu exit visa right away..

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