Retire in Jamaica

I am planning to move to Jamaica after I retire in 2013.  I been going to Jamaica since 1972 and know the culture well but I have a lot to learn.  Looking forward to talking with others who did this or considered it.

What? No replies yet? What are the smoking down there anyway :-)

Hi cdemark371,

I hope other members will be able to advise you.

Wish you good luck

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Welcome to!

Maybe you could give some information on the Jamaica forum ;)

Thank you.

What sort of yearly income do i need to live in jamaica comfortably? does anyone know?

If you are interested email me at [email protected], maybe I can help you out. I am sure people are trying to scare you off but as with anywhere you just have to be wise in your decisions when you come back.

You need a monthly income of approximately US $600 as follows:  rent $230; Food $100; Entertainment $150; Utilities/Internet $65; Misc. (Taxi) $55...and if you are getting USA social security monthly, give yourself a raise monthly...(exchange rate)...the current exchange rate is $106.50 (December 2013).  So if you are getting the social security average of US $1179, monthly, then you can live like a king...without a car.  with a car (2004 Toyota Corolla) add another $100 monthly that will cover insurance (liability only), fitness, license, maintenance and gasoline (for trips to the beach).  The minimum wage is JA $ $5000, weekly, so you can even hire a maid to come in three times for the week at maybe JA $1000 for the day.