Could you tell me more about how life is over there ?

Hey there, my name is Gabriel and I'm considering of moving to Jamaica, simply cause we are looking for a better quality of life , more relaxed than here in Lithuania where me and my family are currently based. We are a family of 4 : myself my wife and 2girls 3months and 9 years . 
Could you tell me more about how life is over there , how hard is to get business permission or work permit. Life cost , rent etc. Also how people react to interracial families ?
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I would really appreciate your respond ☺️

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Hi Gabriel, firstly it is very expensive here. I am currently in London having visited Jamaica many times in the past and even I am shocked at the prices of food. You will have to extend your visa, check out … o-jamaica/
Regarding work, even the locals have trouble finding work so if you have a specialist trade, even better.

Hello everyone and welcome on board Gabriel  :)

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Hi Gabriel,
I think it depends a lot on where you are actually thinking about moving to in Jamaica. Places and cities may vary a lot. Kingston does have some opportunities (although as someone already said working opportunities are not numerous in Jamaica, and if you add that by law if 2 people apply for the same job, the employer needs to give priority to the jamaican citizen that doesn't obviuosly help if you're an expat), but the cost of living there are just like any city in Europe. Rents and cost of life are similar to any big city in Europe like Milan, so you either have a very good job before moving there that gives you the certainty of making a living or life in Kingston may be just as tough as your life in Lithuania. Also do consider that culturally and socially Jamaica may be quite complicated for jamaicans who have been brought up in the US or in Europe and come from jamaican families, let alone if you don't know what jamaican culture is like.
Life can be a lot harder than you would probably imagine now although it def is a beautiful place.
If you have a fair amount of money and want to start a business Port Antonio, Clarendon or Negril might give you some chances (but you would probably need to go there before hand and sort out what kind of business could actually work in that specific place and afford you to make a living there), in Ochi you're either very rich, or forget it. Especially considering rents for opening businesses on the beach are quite high, have you considered the costs? Or if it's not a business on the beach then what kind of business are you going to open?
Yours seems a very general idea at the moment, and to my experience you should probably go there, get to know the places, and find a good idea as to exactly what you want to do there.

p.s. as to the working permit you need to go to the embassy in Kingston to get it, you might want to hear the jamaican embassy in Lithuania to have a first general idea. For italians the working permit is around 1000-1500 euros. Extending the touristic visa does not legally give you the chance to work there.


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