5 good reasons for living in Jamaica


if someone asks you the best reasons for making the choice to live and stay in Jamaica, what would be your top 5?

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Didn't have to think hard, and these are in no particular order.
The climate ---- sun sun sun
The people ----- very friendly as long as you don't patronise or abuse them.
The fresh food -- no chickens laden with  hormones and fresh fruit all day long.
The very beautiful women.
The madness on the roads --- yes driving is like playing russian roulette but you see drivers here doing things you will never see anywhere else.

my husband and i are thinking of relocating to jamaica from usa, wondering if this is a good idea

jamaica is a great place to live. yes, there are violent crimes in the country but if you consider that the island only has a population of 3+ million, which is less that some cities in the uk who have far higher crime rates it comes into perspective. Crime sells newspapers so it gets reported! Also much of the crimes does appear to be eiether gang or drug related perpetrated on people who either know each other or know of each other.You can be a random victim of crime anywhere in the world and if you parctice commensense here you should be ok. walk around sporting a rolex watch and load of jewelry and flashing cash and you'd abe atarget anywhere.
The climate is good, the food is fresh, the cost of living is reasonable. Medical care - you must have a good insurance policy!
rental rates are reasonable. The only caution is if you ever decide to build a house here. Quotes seem to be plucked from thin air, costs will escalate and sad to say not all builders are honest. There are numerous tales of individuals losing large sums of money.

Better change the topic - why I want to leave Jamaica ASAP ?  :)

a/ disgusting seasoned spicy food
b/ extremely high price of the electricity - USD 400 - 500 / month for a studio if you use one AC
c/ High prices of the food in the supermarkets
d/ When you receive the bills you will be charged with some
17.5 % GCT  more ,what is not stated in the announced prices
d/beer could be found only in slim cans /250 ml/ or small 284 ml bottles

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It's just an easier life here.

I think you summed it up very well.

culture is very laid back here
setting up your own business is profitable
people are much happier here
reggae music
good coffee