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About Jamaica

The population of Jamaica is about two and a half million people, the main language is English, and the majority of the population is Christian. But the people of Jamaica are renown for their pride and love for music ' a powerful tool of expression of a vivid and rich culture. Jamaica is the birthplace of Rastafari, an Abrahamic religion, which flourished in the 1930s, in the form of an Afrocentric ideology and a voice against Jamaica's British settlers. However, since the death of the significant Rastafari figures Haile Selassie (former Ethiopian Emperor) and Bob Marley (reggae musician), the enthusiasm for Rastafari has been in decline.

The capital city of Kingston is always lively, with art galleries, museums, and, of course, many reggae clubs.

The economy in Jamaica is mostly reliant on tourism. It continues to be a dream holiday destination for many and is particularly popular as a wedding destination. Jamaica's economic growth is limited mainly due to the country's debts.

Quick Information

Official Languages : English
Currency : Dollar
Area : 10991 Km2
Population : 2847232
Calling Code : ++1-876
Timezone : America/Jamaica

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