Head Stone

Hi there,
Does anyone know the cost of  a head stone and to fit it to a tomb ? Please , am estimate would be good. Thank you.


Depending on what sort of headstone you are looking for will depend on the cost. But you would be looking in the region of JA$80,000 for a granite headstone which has been engraved. Please use a currency converter to calculate the current exchange rate, as it changes so much.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Jules  for this information. I've been checking the currency on a daily basis .

You're welcome. This price was from 2012, but I doubt it has changed significantly since then. The rate with the UK is not good right now, it had a massive crash after the vote to leave the EU and hasn't recovered. It has been floundering around $160 something for a good while now...

There are  a few stonemasons listed under 'Monuments' on the Jamaican Yellow Pages website, where you may be able to get a quotation if you contact them. Try this website, where there numbered headstone designs shown. You can email them directly for a price, so you have an better idea of what to expect. http://finditinjamaica.com/creativeheadstones.htm

Good luck!