How to make friends in Jamaica

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in Jamaica :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Jamaica??

Thanks in advance for your participation

Hi all, I'm a mature woman who is looking to live in Jamaica with my family before the end of the year 09 and am looking to communicate with people who have just moved to the island or are thinking about moving.  I intend to set up and run my own craft business in one of the popular resort areas and just want to get some feedback on the way to do this and to generally liaise with like minded people who share a common interest.

Hi there,
Well I am planning to move to Jamaica hopefully in mid April and also have a deep interest in Crafts things. Maybe this is am opportunity to share some ideas as well.
Please do let me know..

hi guys im goin jamaica for 3-4 weeks in march wld b nice tonow someone! :)
anyone here? know how is life going there etc?

Like anywhere else, get involved in something...if you like photography for instance, u can join up one of the monthly Flickr bus tours they take which leave from Kingston (u should be able to find them on the Flickr website). U don't have to great at it to go with them.  Jamaicans tend to be quite friendly, but you don't always attract the right sort if you go to a sports bar alone and start chatting away.

If you speak french you could get in touch with the Alliance Francais who have a fairly vibrant schedule of activities.  The other language centres tend to be fairly active as well.

There are also always events happening at the university campusses, so you could go to a show or discussion or forum and you would meet people there.  If you are religious, definitely attending church would be a good idea, especially a crusade.

There are business mixers for the Jamaica Young Professionals Association (, which are free and which are intended to encourage meeting other young professionals and making alliances.

I want to make friend with a jamaica female artist


I'm a Jamaican expat and I experience lonliness abroad quite often. I'm an expat houswife to be precise so I don't have the opportunity to work because accompanying spouses are usually not offered work permits/work visas by the governments in which one may be presently living (temporarily). For me I'm in a country for an average 6 months so it's even harder to make friends, by the time I do find one, it's time to leave.

I usually have acquaintances/friendships with wives of the men my husband works with, whether local or expat. I might bounce into someone at the supermarket who might find me interesting and want to ask where I'm from...then maybe some friendship develops from there. It's hard to just say hi to someone you're passing by in the mall, with the hope that they'll stop and reply with a hi then conversation begins.

Usually for us Jamaicans, we're going to first think - what does this person want? If male to female - we may think it's a special interest or liking. So usually the best way is - friend of a friend, coworkers/spouse of husband's coworker, school if attending, or the parents of your child's friends, or some charitable organization, or from doing a recreational activity.

I am an American who has been living in Kingston, Jamaica for 2 years now. I am a stay at home mom with a 2 year old son. Although he is great company, I miss having adult conversations. My husband is a saint because whenever he comes home I start talking his ear off from the moment he walks into the door. He understands I get lonely. The few friends I have had the opportunity to meet have left back to the United Stated due to their contract ending or other personal reasons.
Unlike younger children who meet other children in school, it is much harder as an adult to meet people. Its not like you can just walk up to a total stranger in the grocery store and start up conversation.
I am having a warm time adjusting and would love to chat with other expats who are having or have experienced similar situations.

Welcome to, Ylianna :)
Well I sure hope you'll be able to make loads of friends on this website :)

I suggest you visit cafes, social events of an educational and cultural theme, charity events,

mabschuchu wrote:

Hi there,
Well I am planning to move to Jamaica hopefully in mid April and also have a deep interest in Crafts things. Maybe this is am opportunity to share some ideas as well.
Please do let me know..

are already in jamaica

hi thanks for the tips on where to meet people to chat with and also where are the small area to live

So sorry to hear you are having a hard time in Jamaica.  I love that place and can not imagine anyone having a hard time meeting people.  My girl friends and I visited often.  Once we just went up to recording studio of a known, reggae, international artist with no appointment. We were all invited in, given a tour, offered drinks, and was allowed to sit in on a recording session. Even to this day we are still in touch with the artist. Jamaicans are quite friendly people.

Kingston is not really my favourite place though (moves too fast, no beach, high crime, etc) but I visited that city quite often to party or hang out with our political male friends.

Try for ways to meet Jamaicans.  Also go out...there are tons of shows (ballet, comedy, reggae, etc) and I would meet girls in the queue and just talk to them.  I met people at the Bob Marley museum and we exchanged numbers.  I met people at Sovereign Plaza by just walking up to girls and asking them questions about the area.  The TGI Fridays and the Cuddys in New Kingston were great places to hang out and meet foreigners.  Whenever I went running at Emancipation Park, I always finished my workout with a new phone number :D

PM me and I'm happy to give you a few phone numbers. Good luck.

would you mind and pay us a visit in Zimbabwe.

Don`t like Kingston !!! Wanna go back in D`Salaam !!!:(

just want to make some new friends


Its not hard to make new friends. Jamaica is a small island and we are friendly people. Yes, i said "we" because i am Jamaican :). A site like this one is good to meet new friends.

I welcome a cool headed and well behaved person(s) who really understand the concept of life to be my friend. I also want an IT professionals to relate with me purposely to share new advancement in Technology globally.

Good to read from you mellem. Oluwasogo is my name how i wish you tell me more about Jamaica. Good to read from you soon'

Hi Oluwasogo,

What is it you would like to know about Jamaica? There is so much to know. I will note a few things and you can let me know if you have any specifics.

Well, it is almost always sunny here apart from the rainy seasons (Hurricane season) plus we are located in a tropical area so it is mostly sunny and a little/very windy thus cooler temperature in late November- January.

Jamaicans are pretty much laid back however we love to party and have a great time during the weekends and public holidays. We are known to have the most churches per square miles thus the country is very religious.

The country's economy is not the best currently however we make the best of it.

If you have any specifics, please ask as i could go on and on :)

Good to read your message. anyway, i have been hearing about Jamaica almost having or sharing the same culture with we the African country. Since then i have been anxious to know or visit your country.

Well, I am Computer repair & maintenance Engineer. I wish to know more of technological development in your country and the attitude of people toward the new techs.

o.k My mife extend her greetings to you and wish to know my new friend. She is beside me at the time i'm writing these few lines to you. CHEERS!!!!!

Hi Oluwasogo,

Let me do some research and get back to you over the weekend. Please greet your wife for me :)



I would lyk to have a serious frnd in jamaica tht i will visit especially a gul jus to be close frnd with pliz i rilly need a frnd ;)

Hi I'm a Jamaican looking for friends :lol:


Hi my name's tarnsz... I'm looking to make friends with people who live in Jamaica... I am new Zealander living in Australia and have great love and interest in Jamaican religion and their background. Being a kiwi I was brought up with reggae music which has always been apart of my life... I am visiting Jamaica in december and am hoping to make a few friends from their before I go.

i am in germany but i can tell you jamaicans are friendly people so don't be afraid to talk them

Hi , Im Gabe , came from philippines , im here in Kingston ,Jamaica , I want to meet new friends

I'm a female artist

Hello Shanzg,

welcome on board  :)

The best way to make friends is by introducing yourself and telling us a bit about you and you projects.

Keep posting,

I am from the  UK ...looking to meet new friends

@ylianna28 hi how are you, I'm a jamaican and would be interested in having conversations and company with you if interested I am Kenyan & living in the US. I made friends in Kingston and now, when I visit JA, I stop in Kingston, and travel with them everywhere I go in JA. They have become family to me.