How did you decide what part of the island to live?

We originally opted for St James around Reading. But have changed our mind to Portland for various reasons. One being to be further from the hussle and bussle, another being closer to family friends. We have family in St Elizabeth, St James and Clarendon.

It would be interesting to learn how others made their decision and whether they stuck with their first one or not.

Spoke to various residents and collated the pros and cons.
Pros were: prone to floods, violence, remote, no shops.
Cons were: availability of transport, shops in area, nice property,

We did search far and wide. Initially we were looking at houses but soon ruled out as only 2 of us, too big and too much land. So looked at apartments. After 4 months found our dream apartment with sea view. … 944696951/

This is my goal :-)

I'm happy to hear that you found your dream island home Goldie.

Goldie, is your husband from St Ann? Usually someones start point dictates where they will return to.

No he is from St Catherine.