Relocating with kids

Hi everyone

My husband has a potential job opportunity in Kingston and we are now looking into the relocation of our family.

We have a 2 year old daughter and a 9 month old daughter and I'm interested in how you find living in Jamaica with small children!!

We currently live in Prague, Czech Rep so it will be a big change for us all!!

I look forward to hearing about your experiences :o)


Hello Kels,

Welcome to ;)
When is the move scheduled?


We're not sure yet.
Just in talks with the company. As we are also looking at Houston, TX we need to know pros and cons of both places!!

We ideally want to be moved before Christmas.


It's all depends on where in kingston you guys planned to live. Life is not so expensive in jamaica, although it all depends on one's lifestyle, but for renting a house and day care for your children it is not so expensive comparing to france.