Moving to Jamaica

I have been traveling back and forth to Jamaica every 3/4 months for the past 3 years. I have family there. I have always wanted to move, but everyone keeps telling me not to do so and thinks I'm crazy for wanting to do so. The honest truth is I'm just not happy here in the U.S. and feel like my spirit would be much happier in Jamaica. I've been visiting Jamaica since I was a small baby as my parents and family are all Jamaican. I'm curious to hear others experience who have taken the jump and made the move. I know all about the struggle and how hard it can be, but I have a plan set up and feel as if I can make it. Has anyone moved and regretted it? Has anyone moved and decided to move back to there old life? What steps do I need to take? I spoke with the embassy and they informed me that I would need to file for citizenship which is fine as I'd file under my parents, but what else? Anxious for all feedback. Thank You 😊

Where about in Jamaica do you intend to move to and what are your future intentions?

Hi Howie, sorry for the late reply, please see my forum post which explains everything.


Starrfish, I have not taken out citizenship yet. I am to give it time, by having 6 months visa and going on from there.