Moving to Jamaica after retirement

Hello all, I am planning to move to Jamaica after I retire in the USA. I am a service connected disabled veteran and a machinist by trade. My plan is to move to Jamaica after I retire, I am single (divorced) with no children to connect me to the states. I have also been exploring finding my soulmate on several dating apps searching for the love of my life who is jamaican (who might be able to help with my expat move). I don't expect some miracle to fall in love however hoping that appropriate 3 visits a year will help with knowledge of the culture and possibly meeting someone who at my side. However just in case my plan is to move somewhere close to a beach that is reasonable price where I can go and paint or write. Any thoughts are welcome. Oh yeah I chose Jamaica because I am a caucasian man who prefers relationships with black women so to me Jamaica is perfect. Please give me your thoughts. Thank you.  Richard

I think before you start thinking about relationships, it is best to get the basics sorted. Firstly, will and do you have enough money to live on. Jamaica is expensive, food bills and rent high. You say you wish to live by the sea, have you started looking for a suitable property whether you are renting or buying. It took me two years to find and buy my property and that was a lot of hunting! Utilities are high too.
Once you sorted all this out and you are not so stressed out, you can find your lady.

Richard, please be very cautious when getting into relationships with Jamaican women. While there are certainly women here with good hearts and honest motives, there are many more who are purely looking for someone to pay their way.  Many men have been bled dry by these women, only to be dumped when the resources are used up. The same thing happens all too frequently between foreign women and Jamaican men.

That said, I do know of a number of men who've found lovely women here. 

But first, look into finding a place to live, getting your residency (you can't just move here) and setting up your life. 

Best of luck.


ill give you a bit of advice about Jamaica. 1stly no one cares that you are Caucasian in Jamaica,  however the fact that you are a foreigner you will get hustled. If you find a Jamaican woman find one that has traveled and live in area where the people have are from similar socioeconomic background as you are. other than that it can be an awesome place. I suggest treasure beach.


ill be moving to jamaica as well and was in the service we should keep in touch. But seriously I wouldnt try to find a soul mate online in Jamaica, find one once you get there. I know a few areas that are close to the beach , drop me a line.