New in France

Hi, my name is Ledibeth. I am from Philippines. My Husband is Italian and he works here in Saint Nazaire. I'm going 4 months now and I enrolled in French Class.

       Good new here too in La baule from vacation  for 3 months......

Bienvenue kababayan! :)

Hi Ledibeth,

Worry free if youll be moving to Nantes !
There are lots of filipinas who live there. Though some live far from the city centre, still you cab see them at schools, taking french classes. If youre interested, i could refer you to some Nice and friendly filipinas there, who are also my friends. ;)
Bon courage et bienvenue en France !


Hi Shirley. Thank you. At last I made new friends here and there are Filipinas as well.  I doubt about moving to Nantes ☺️. My Husband works here hehehe... There are also schools here for French and I've already start going to class. We are staying near the center of Saint Nazaire...☺️ Bon weekend 😃