New to Nantes!

Hi there,

I'm new to this beautiful city and would love to meet new people.

Would love to hear if there is anything exciting happening in Nantes or if you are in the same boat as me.

Hi Daniela,

I am looking for some people to practice my English with ! I have been leaving abroad for the past 2 years and will be back in Nantes for living at the end of November ?

I know Nantes very well so I can show you around and maybe help you with your French skills ;)

hello to the 2 of ye im living in nantes also for the last 3 years im from ireland i hope you enjoy your stay here always good fun down at the irish bar

Hey everybody, new enough to nantes (5 months) I'm irish, my boyfriend is french. We were living in Ireland but moved here for a change! Still getting to know the city but love it. Wouldn't mind getting out more and getting to know some new people  :)

hey there im in the same boat but other way round my girlfriend is french im irish you like it here nice place big city hard to meet people doh im living here 3 years at christmas have you been to the irish bar john mcburyes few irish down round there lads from dublin and all anyways hope your enjoying your stay if need help with anything give me a shout :)

Hi Irish Paddy and Elizabeth,

Would you guys be keen on meeting up for a drink on Friday night at John McByrnes?


Daniela  :top:

Ya sure, I'm up for that!  :top:

Great! We can be there around 7pm... if that's too early let me know :-)

Hi there!  :D

I'm new to Nantes too (been here since October). Would love to meet some new faces as currently my only buddy is my french boyfriend

Come join us at the Irish pub, John McByrne on Friday night... it looks like there'll be a group of us newbies!

Great, 7 is  a little early for me because im working. More like 8? Or i can always join ye a bit late.

hello ya i might be down there anyways if ye wanna meet up too :p

Awesome! I'll get there for 8ish... Hope to see you guys there... and hope you can recognise me from my pic even though it is only a quarter of my face!

Sounds good! Yeah it might be a bit hard to spot each other. .. I'm a little bigger than my photo!

haha!! I won't try to look for a miniature person sitting on a car!


I am french but i have spent one years in Australia we came back 10 days ago.
We miss Australia weather haha!
We want to meet some people who speak english to keep progress.
If you need something or some help, ask me!


Aurélie (I know my name is hard to pronoune for people who speak english, in Australia they were used to call me Lily)

Hello didnt come with my girlfriend tonight was a bit shy that was me from limerick felt like a dumdass anyways hope ye had a good night ill hardly be on here anymore later all

Hi Lily,

I'm Australian and have been living in Nantes for 6 months, I miss Australian weather too lol!
Would love to catch up and meet new people, I could help you keep up your progress on speaking english and you could help me with mine ;)


Bonjour Nantes, my name is Alex and I am here from past few weeks discovering the beauty of the city and living style of the wonderfull people of this beautiful city. I am here with my French girlfriend and am keen to have some French mates whom I can speak in English and try out my un petit peu French, chaio

Salut nous 3 en colocation a 1heure de nantes si tu veux discuter et echanger no souci !!

olivier928 wrote:

Salut nous 3 en colocation a 1heure de nantes si tu veux discuter et echanger no souci !!

English please as this is an Anglophone forum.
Thank you.

Hey Shelley
I am so ecxited to see an Australian here, where are you from in Australia ? we have to meet. I miss australia so much, my best friends are there in New south Wales. I can also help you with your french I am bilangual.

I arrived in Nantes 2 weeks ago. My mom lives here but I moved to Canada many years ago. Now I spend few months in France every year for my business.

I am so ecxited to have found this forum.
ya'll let's meet and share our experiences.

cheers lina

Hi everybody.
Been living in France for over 10 years...more specifically Cholet(60 km south of Nantes) and getting a bit tired of only speaking french. Would love to meet other native speakers and share experiences.

Ohhh...and I'm danish/Canadian married to a Frenchman. Currently unemployed as we've just come back to France a month ago from a year of living in South Korea.

Hope to meet some of you for drinks sometime soon.

Best to you all

hi kristen-maria , I would love to meet with you, I am in Nantes,  if you come over let me now.  I live in Canada but in France for few months.


Hi everybody! Im Claire, Im just arriving in Nantes and wanting to meet new people to enjoy this nice city! Im french but I wish meet some expat to keep my english level(which ask some improvment^^) and continue to open my mind to others cultures =) !



Hello Everyone,
Glad to know there are native french speakers on this thread... well I speak English as a first language but really need to improve my French  :)

Hello bro, got to know you from Nigeria. Also from there hoping to cone studies in Nantes soonest. Peace

Hi. I am new to Nantes too. I am from Ireland and my boyfriend is French. I don't really know a lot of people in Nantes so I guess I am in the same boat. I would love to meet some new people or anyone in the same  situation. Be nice to have a few pints, if anyone is up for it?

Talking about boat: I suggest you to see the "Belem" which is in Nantes for few days.
It's one of the oldest three-masted boat in Europe.

More information:

Hi everyone! My name is Daniëlle. Currently I live in the Netherlands. My boyfriends lives in Nantes and we would love to live together. I often visit Nantes and it would be great to meet some people to start a life of my own there!

Hey there are any of you guys still living in Nantes? My names Jess and I'm Australian, moving to Nantes in a few months with my French partner. I am originally from Melbourne but have been living and working in Alice Springs for the last few months. My french is minimal - and that is even being generous! so am looking to find some other English speaking people to hang out with so I don't go mad! I'm studying to be a teacher so am looking for some English tutoring / teaching jobs for when I arrive - I have found a company called speaking agency - has anybody heard of them? I visited Nantes for a day, 2 years ago so am clueless when it comes to areas to live - any suggestions?? Not sure what else to say, so ask away!


Jess :)

Hi all,

Well, I only just discovdered this blog today. I arrived in Nantes last summer via Portugal (for one year) and the Paris area (since 1998). I'm self-employed, running my own business from home, so hopefully the network from this site can provide some opportunities to meet.

I'm an English native speaker but have been learning and speaking French for over 30 years, so let's say I get by on the language front!

I currently live in the Mellinet district but will be shortly moving to the Chantenay area.

Any suggestions to meet up would be welcome!

Hi Jess :)

I've been in Nantes since October 2014 (originally from london) and recently started working with Speaking agency. I'm currently only working with one family, where i look after 3 children for a few hours a week, but it's possible to apply for positions with multiple families depending on your schedule and what's available in the area. It's been a nice experience so far and I'd recommend it, especially if you like working with cute french kids :P Good for getting some money in (not loads, but some money is better than no money!)

Hi and thanks for the reply! Glad to know somebody has some positive experience of the company! Like you said any money is good to begin with! I have applied and been accepted to receive job offers so will just have to wait until work starts becoming available for when I arrive! Are you working with any other companies?



Not at the moment. Although I recently applied with Acadomia who hire tutors in various subjects including languages. The accepted my application so apparently now it's just a matter of waiting for an available role matching my availability. Not holding my breath with that one though, might apply at some local schools  :/

Hmmm I just applied to them too. Let me know how you go. Once I'm there I think I'll hit the schools as well!

Hi!!! About lessons, to post an add on "leboncoin" could be another way to find some students ! Its the french gumtree, there is  a lot of adds for everything include languages lessons :) !
Actually I'm interested by taking english lessons but I wanted to do it in a small group but I didn't find anything like that, does someone heard about something ?

cheers  :D


Hi, all,
I'm a Chinese native speaker, lives in France since 10 years. I moved to Nantes with my French husband and baby daughter last year.  Hope to meet English native speakers to share different cultures, languages and life experiences in Nantes.  Self-employeed, I work at my small office and at home which is in the Beausejour aera.  Will be glad to meet you for a drink or a walk.  Send me an email or a message. Thanks.


I'm french but I've been living in London for nearly a year now. I'm starting my study in September in Nantes and I would like to keep my English level.
Don't hesitate to contact me :)