New to Nantes

Good evening,
Im new to Nantes from Australia and looking to meet new people in the hope of improving my French (as currently it's almost non existent). Also interested in any local information like best bars restaurants etc would be greatly appreciated.

Please get in touch
Sophie :)

Hello Sophie and welcome to

I invite you to subscribe to the Networking in Nantes section of the site to be notified whenever members seek to meet up.

You can also drop an advert in the language exchange in Nantes field of the Nantes classifieds section :top:


Hi Sophie!
Soon, I am moving to Nantes too :)
I hope to discover the best parts of the city. I am from Poland, I have been living in France and Belgim since 2012.
Maybe we could find here some more expats and meet for a picnic or a drink?

Sounds great to me :) I have already met some lovely people here, when do you arrive here?

I arrive for the first time 16 or 17 May, and I move in for good in September :)

Hello !

How are you? I came across your profile and I was wondering if you need help to improve your French ! If you do, let me know !  :)

Yes I do, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Well, let me know then

How about we organise to meet for coffee some time next week

Yes sounds great, I am easily available as of 5pm. Is that alright?

That should be fine I'll send you a message next week to confirm when's best :)

Alright! Let's keep in touch!


Please let me know your availabilities for this week) I will do my best)