Moving to St Nazaire

Hi there,

Lovely to find this forum and chat to people!!

Im British And my husband is French bed we have 5 year old daughter. We are going to be moving to St Nazaire in a couple of months so trying to just get some fermées out really with regards to meeting other English speaking mums/ people!!

Hello, I too have recently moved to Saint Nazaire (from Canada) and am looking to meet other English speaking expats. 

How has your move been thus far? 


hi I'm an English expat, living in st nazaire since October 2017 with my French partner. great to hear of other expats in the area as I haven't met any others yet!
how are you finding life in france?

Hi to all on this forum post,

I'm from Canada and am staying near Guérande during my mat leave. My 4.5 yr old is currently going to school while the almost 3 month old is with me. I am also hoping to meet some others in the vicinity.

For those of you who are interested, shall we set up an introductory meeting??