Free for a drink?


I'm a new born nantaise looking forward to make friends...are there any expats free for drink or so?

Hi and welcome to lara_if !

A few words about yourself maybe?
It might be a good start.


Hi Laura, I'm also newish to Nantes and if you still want to meet new people I find the Irish pub McByrnes in the centre is quite good place. :) Let me know if you want to meet up I can always meet you for a Guinness. Welcome to Nantes :D

A Guinness seems just right Serena. I think we should all meet, your suggestion is fine by me. Lets set a date? Is a after work beer fine by you? What do you say to thursday, the 22th?
Hope to see you both soon,


Thursday the 22nd after work around 7pm is perfect:)

There are normally plenty of people outside, so lets meet at the bar so we know who is who. :)

It's settle then! see you soon ;)

Hi everyone!

Was the drink fun in July? Is the Irish pub McByrnes nice?

I'm also new in Nantes :) I just moved from Brussels for my boyfriend and I don't know anybody here.

I'm looking for contacts and tips. I would also love to practice my English with some young and dynamic expats!

Ten years ago, I've lived 5 months in Sioux Falls- South Dakota (my English wasn't bad!). Recently, I mainly spoke French and Dutch. So I would like to keep up with my English and to meet nice people :))

See you soon

Hello! Yes we had a good time :) Hannah we missed you?! Lara and myself have met up since, i have a group of French friends who we meet up with and attend concerts/ dinner and drinks too if you would like to be introduced :)

Hi Girls :D
So if you both are interested we are meeting again on the 26th of September for dinner with some other settled Nantaise :D
We can meet again in the Irish pub before going to the choosen resto :)
Hope you are both well and getting used to living in Nantes and settling into your new apartment :D
Talk soon

Great how about 19h30 at the Irish pub :)
Then we can move from there to a resto.
Margaux will you still be interested?


Thank you for your invitation but I'm not free on September 26th.

Have fun :)

Hi Hannah, not to worry :) Just let us know when is a good time for you to meet again :) Take care and dont work too hard ;)

My name is Jesús, I'm Spanish and I also work in Nantes.

I've been living here for three years already, but most of my friends have ended up moving away. I'm quite social, so I'd really like to meet new people and go out from time to time.

Also I've registered in this forum because my girlfriend is working as a French teacher in Cardiff this year and I'm a bit jealous that she gets to speak English and I don't :-)

Do you still have drinks together?
Anyway, if anyone is interested, just let me know ;-)


My name is Miranda, I moved to Nantes in June to work for a French company. I would love to get to know some of you if you're still up for a drink?
Have a nice evening!

Hello expat fellows! And happy new year!
I am sorry i have been absent in the last few months but i would like to make it up to you with another drink proposal!
Is there anybody in to a get together, say, this friday?


Hello Miranda and Lara!
I'm Chiara and I'm a student here in Nantes since last October 
I would like to go out for a drink too and it's ok this friday for me!
come on!

Hi there!
Do you mind if I join you this Friday? It sounds fun!
I had posted earlier in this thread, but I guess nobody was available at the time. I'm still interested in meeting new people, though :-)

Hey! great to hear from you all. Unfortunately, I can't come on Friday. Are you all free on Thursday? If not, I'll come to the next drink! Hope to meet you soon,

Hi again!
Any day is fine by me!
Just let me know  :-)

Thursday is ok for me too!
at 21.30? where? someone of you knows a nice place?

Hey! Is Thursday ok with you too Lara? If not please carry on with Friday as that was suggested first :-)

Hi there!
Still ok for tonight?
A+ !

Hi! Well as Lara suggested Friday first and I'm not sure she can come tonight, I think you should maintain tomorrow. See you next time :-)

I am so sorry! i just saw your replies! is it still up for tomorrow? what do you say about we meet at Le Violin Dingue at 9? is that ok?

That's fine by me
Chiara, are you free tonight too?

sorry, I didn't recieved notification for the answers, as usual!
too late!
see you next time

Hello is this thread still in motion? it's a shame i saw it just now. would love to meet expats

still available for a drink?


Hello, I'm new to Nantes although my wife is from here, looking for some thirtysomethings to hang out with socially, anyone fancy a drink?

Hi all,

I have just moved to Nantes from Sydney and would love to meet some new people here if the drink meet-ups are still happening?


I am french but i have spent one years in Australia we came back 10 days ago.
We miss Australia weather haha!
We want to meet some people who speak english to keep progress.
If you need something or some help, ask me!


Aurélie (I know my name is hard to pronoune for people who speak english, in Australia they were used to call me Lily)

Hi everybody!
I know Im quite late to arrive in this thread but do you continue to meet each others sometimes?
Im just arrived in Nantes and wish to meet some expats (actually Im french but badly want to speak in english :p )

I hope not arriving too late  :D


Glad to know there are native french speakers on this thread... well I speak English as a first language but really need to improve my French :P

ciao lara, where do you live in Istanbul? I am in levent

Who's free for a drink or 5 tonight ?  :D

Hi all,

I'd be up for drinks some point  :)  I'm a londoner now living in nantes and would love to meet some new people here, Anglophones and Francophones alike!