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Hello My name is Sharon. My husband has accepted a job and our family of 3 is planning a move ro Kuwait from Camada.  We want to rent a 3 bdrm appt preferably close to either the Kuwait Oil ofdice or to the Canadian School.  Where are the best apartment xhoices in either area, and what can we expect to pay for rent?  What might be included in rent? How feasible is it to get a furnished place?

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John I think that depends on the company who arranged the inetrviews regarding timelines.

Hello Ms. Sharon,

The best places for you to rent will be Fintas, Mahboula seaside, Abu Halifa & Mangaf areas. Egaila can also be an option but it is a bit in-land or interior, whereas the earlier mentioned areas are located close to the coastline and beach.

Rental prices can vary from property to property and location & locality as well as the status of the Apartment. Which means depending on whether you require a furnished or an unfurnished Apartment, the rent will vary. I am saying this from my 5 plus years of working with Q8REALTOR that Ideally, if you are planning to spend at least a couple of years or more in Kuwait, I advise you to rent an unfurnished Apartment.

If you would like to be assisted upon your arrival to find the best option at the best price, please do not hesitate to send me a message.

Hoping to hear from you and welcoming you to Kuwait soon!!

Hi Sharon.  I just landed here and can second what Ayyaz said: rental prices vary wildly depending on what your requirements are (pets, kids, location, etc).  You can definitely spend as much or as little as you'd like, but I have a few examples that might help give you a general idea so you can start to plan.

1) I found (and am slated to move into) a HUGE villa in Mangaf with a garage, and a small garden that allows dogs.  It's 1000kd a month.  Before that, I was looking at similar properties in the Salwa area for 1500kd.  (to move in, it was 1000kd for deposit, 1000kd for first months rent, and 500kd for the realtor fees)

2) My single buddy is shopping for and finding very decent 3-bedroom apartments in Salwa for about the 500kd range (no kids, no pets, close to the beach but no view).

I would recommend looking at OLX arabia (you can download an app) and be sure to pursue the expat forum housing sections.

If you need any help after arrival (with finding or avoiding real estate agents, etc) just let me know. 

A few things about the housing here that were different for me: 

- Almost every bedroom has an associated bathroom.  Sometimes there are more bathrooms than bedrooms. 
- The kitchens are often enclosed and sometimes they're close to the maids quarters. 
- some places had TWO kitchens (one had two and a half!)
- A lot of the places I looked at had maids quarters, sometimes they even had driver's quarters.

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