Any quiet and cozy hospitals in hong kong for cancer patients

I have been living in HK for quite a long time. I have a family member dealing with breast cancer. She's been staying at the sanatorium & hospital and it is really, really busy. I hope I don't come across as ignorant or racist but most of the other patients there seem to be mainlanders and they are really intense. I am worried that it would hinder the healing of my family. Has anyone got recommendations for a quieter medical facility in Hong Kong?

I've been living here for 20 years. The city is swamped with mainland Chinese ...I heard from the news that a pregnant woman from the mainland had hot pot on the ward!

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I'd invite you to consult the Health in Hong Kong section to find the list of health institutions in Hong Kong.

You can also have a look at the following link for more information on the Health & Medical Services available in the region:


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Well..If u don't mind and looking for rt(radio-therapy) for bc, i could introduce the adventist oncology centre which also provides a caring and tranquility to you

PoolPolas: Yes i hv checked their website. Do you know any doctors that i can rely on?

florymoon: I have heard of that too. Hospitals here are jam-packed! I am desperate to move my family to a different hospital...

any ideas?

I recommend Dr. Hilda Wong or Dr. Cheung Foon Yiu at HKIOC.

You can find more on their website:

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I've just asked my friend. Let me pm you his contact, check your inbox.

oh, thx poolpolas, got that!

-HK Sanatorium
-Adventist Hospital

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