Marry my girl friendwho is Domestic helper

Now I think i am ready to propose to her, she is from Philippine We met first time in Taiwan two years before, since then we managed to see each other.
I was going to ask her for marriage when i become ready. I heard that, Foreign domestic helpers can not get married in HK,
Is that true?
IF i maried her in Philippine or in an other  thrid country will she loose her job? or her status in HK ?


Any one can marry in Hong Kong, you just need to register with Marriage Registry.

You can marry in Philippines but there is no divorce there.

Your marriage does not affect her work visa status.


everyone can marry in HK, its easy here as long you both have all the legal documents and she live or work in HK legal.  you just need to find more information about the details all you need to apply for marriage. congrats you and good luck