Looking for witnesses for our wedding

Hi everyone.
This is from Nikolay and Hannah, we are foreigners who want to get marriage in Hongkong.

According to the HK laws, for getting married we need two witnesses. Previously we agreed with some of our friends who live in Hong Kong about that. Unfortunately, now it turns out that they cannot participate, as well as any other people whom we know in Hong Kong.

So we have to ask you for some little but very important help. Would you agree to recommend someone to be our witnesses? The marriage is scheduled at 24 February, 12.30 pm at City Hall, Central. To my best knowledge, nowadays it is just a formality and it does not create any legal liabilities or duties for you in the future. We are pleased to pay any service charge in return for your help!

It is really important for us, as without having two witnesses our marriage cannot be registered. We hope that it will not be too burden for you. What do you think about that?


Hello Hannah,

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Hello Hannah. We're you able to get wed last February 24? Going through the wedding planning is really tough, most especially if you're doing this outside your own country. If you need help on other stuff like destination weddings, I think I can keep up. Don't hesitate to ping me, my dear.  I think, One heart wedding planner's expertise relies on this.

I can help

Hello everyone,

This is Adi.  I have plan to get married in HK with my fiance. We, both, are foreigners and don't know anyone in HK.  We have read about the HK marriage rules/laws and only short of one requirement i.e. two witnesses. I'm wondering how to have two witnesses in HK as we don't know anyone there. The marriage cannot be registered in HK without two witnesses.

Would be very grateful if someone in HK would help us. Our plan to get married in February'2016. The date has not been decided yet but most probably it would be first week of February.

If anyone is ready to help us we can discuss further about the fees and other things.

Hope we can get help.