Join Cricket team of HONg KONG

AOA & Hello ,

        I am from Pakistan, i come to know that there are lot of foreigner who play cricket from Hong kong side, so i would like to know that how can i join Hong kong  cricket team or play cricket in Hong Kong, what would be the procedure ?
i shall be very thankful.

R u in HK?

No I am not in Hong kong, I m in Pakistan right now.

To play cricket for HK or in HK, the person has to be a permanent resident of HK.

Ok noted, nd Thanks for ur  response. Really appreciated.

I want yo play for HK and how i can get permanent residency in HK

As I've seen the current situation of HK i'm also intrested tu pursue my cricketing career

I'm an all rounder fast bowler and can bat in top oder if i would get permission from HK cricket than it will be an honour for me


Haroon zafar