Working as an hiv positive in macao/hong kong

I would like to ask if i can land a job in Hong Kong or Macao since i am hiv positive but with undetected viral load. Can anyone help me on this? I am planning to go there and find a job. If i will be able to find a job is there any hospitals or clinics that i can go too for my medication and check ups? Looking forward for a great responce and thanks in advance.

Hi, if you are  foreigner and you are a job positive, that will be very expensive for you medical treatment, to be honest, you may need to check how many hospital in hk or Macao, and further check any doctor and section can provide the treatment to foreigner, to be honest, you may need to wait a bit long time.

Call your local embassy or visa office but I can tell you right now, it will be next to impossible to get a working visa and if you dont declare your illness, you can be imprisoned, fined and/or deported. There is a great chance that you would also suffer heavy backlash from both expats and locals. Dont do it.

Alright, i will highly consider your advice. Probably i'll just go there for some tour. How about in Europe does it implies the same thing?

To be honest you would not get work in any country.

To be honest as well i just did! I'm working legally and happily abroad. No DISCRIMINATION!

I was going to say NZ doesn't discriminate but it would be the ability to support yourself  you could try there - I'm an NZ citizen. If you pose a burden to the heath system then that would stop it. We do have foreign nationals whom contracted HIV and did declare; they were given residency. Have a look on the shortages list for NZ on the NZ immigration site. Might be an idea.

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I highly appreciated your time 🙂. As actually i am here in Thailand and about to sign my contract on this coming 2nd of October as a Teacher in a technical college. Thanks God! On the same day as well they will prepare all of supporting/necessary documents for my non B immigrant visa application. But one of my friend told me as well to apply in a certain fountain in the US where-in i will be able to work as a co-worker and at the same time to study as well. I heard about that PLHIV can now enter the US as they already categorize HIV as a non communicable disease! Praise God to that! But i am wondering should i disclose my health condition to them upon my application? Same thing when i apply for a visa to the US embassy should i disclose it to them as well? I already made some research about it but, some advices can really help me on this.

You should do, especially in the USA but obviously, this is best left to your discretion. If they don't ask - don't declare, however I think they do have a question on the immigration form specifically asking. Like NZ, full cost of care will be left to you. They might wonder why you have medication though, you'll need a doctors letter to get them through customs.

We have the same concern.

I would like to add that in my opinion, you should declare. I feel deeply that it is irresponsible, deceptive and unethical not to declare to the hosting country. Discrimination is fair if your illness poses a risk to  the native population (citizens of that country) or causes financial cost to the host because you failed to declare. You should not hold another country responsible for your impediments if they did not cause it.

I would like to know about to work in aboard for Phiv.please?

I would like to know which countries is suitable for Phiv?Please point me how can i go there as a civil engineer or other worker.I don´t want to live here (Myanmar).Pleas

@Ahmedreda i m interested to know what did you do to work in hong kong with hiv status and how did you manage to get your arvs

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hi in what country do you live now, i want also to work abroad im currently here in philippines .

anyone can help me, or give some advise coz i'd like to work in hk.. im also hiv positive and undetectable..