What is the expected salary of qlikview consultant in hongkong.

What is the expected salary of an experienced qlickview consultant and I would also like to know how is life in hongkong..
British schools.
Help highly appreciated.

Life in Hong Kong is wet.

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I invite you to read the article The labor market in China.

An to read some thread on the Cost of living in Hong Kong forum. Thank you! :)

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David: That "cost of living in Hong Kong" forum is pretty out of date.

Zoyee: Accommodation will be your single largest expense. Depending on your family and the number of bedrooms, whether you want an oven (or even a kitchen), number of toilets, helpers room and the square footage and how far you are prepared to live from your work as well as which schools you consider will all be of influence to where you might want to look to live.
I would suggest setting aside around 1/3 of your income for rental alone (unless the company is paying for you).

Suburbs in Kong Kong range from very very local to mixed culture to middle of the road to resort living and isolated island living. It depends how much of an experience you want and what your families comfort levels are in terms of space (most of us live in shoebox apartments) and "western" comforts.
If you are looking for expat suburbs, then Discovery Bay is on Lantau Island, so a ferry ride to get to Hong Kong Island normally and is very Western. On Hong Kong Island, Pok Fu Lam, Mid levels, Stanley, Repulse Bay and Tai Tam would be some of the expat areas. Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay are also becoming 'trendy'.
If you are after Chinese culture with a bit of western influence they Happy Valley, Kennedy Town, Sai Yin Pun, Jardine's Lookout, Braemar Hill or Kowloon Tong in Kowloon or Park Island (kind of like Discovery Bay), or Lamma Island (artsy community) might be of interest.
There are dozens of other locations I haven't mentioned as well...

As you can possibly tell there is no definitive answer as Hong Kong is a city that doesn't fit into the 'norm'. I know someone who has never lived here tried to write a budget of how you could live in Hong Kong a few months back and it was nowhere near the mark.

Perhaps with a bit more information on what you hope for we could narrow the answers down for you.

Try www.numbeo.com for cost of living etc.

All your cost of living questions are answered here:

wow its too expensive living there