Looking for jobs in Hong Kong, China

i have a bachelor of commerce degree double major in accounting and finance, as well as a TESOL certificate. 

i have 1.5 years working experience in the accounting field and abt 2 mths in teaching....im open to any sort of jobs...

can anyone tell me how are the job markets like
is it easy to get a job?
much appreciated if any can provide any inside info


hey josphine, im peter nice to meet u i currently work for a company called convoy financial services ltd, pls feel free to view our website convoy.com.hk, i'm currently recruiting young prospects pls contact via email if u are interested many thanks,

[email protected]

Hey ,

Myself an Electronics Engineer working as a "Design,Operations & Execution Engineer" in a Company which pertains to Precision environment control for Labs and Data Centers.

I'm desperately looking for a Job in Hong Kong and have an open mind.

Any kind of assistance or help is respectfully thanked.

Thanks & regards,

Hi to all of you and welcome to Expat.com :)
Maybe you should have a look at the jobs section in Hong Kong Classifieds where, by the way, you can also insert an ad yourself. Don't hesitate: it's free! :one

I m located in India and trying to search job in Hongkong in IT field (in Java development, technical lead, Sr. architect roles). I m actively looking in JobsDB, but nothing fruitful yet, can anyone suggest me any other way to search job. I looked at HK classifieds section, but I don't see any jobs there.
Please advise. any suggestions are welcome.

Hi Tia and welcome to Expat.com!

Have you tried to post an advert in the section Jobs in Hong Kong? It may help.;)