I'm Vietnamese - looking for a job in Hong Kong (3yrs working exp)

Hi all,

I'm looking for a job in Hong Kong now. I have graduated from The University of Nottingham and I have 3 years working in Marketing & Communication Dept for an European organization.

Vietnamese is my native English. I have good command in English and I am willing to learn Cantonese if I can get a chance to work there. 

Anyone knows jobs need Vietnamese in Hong Kong, please let me know.

Thank you so much,

Does any potential job have to relate to your being Vietnamese?

Yes, I do think so.

As per my knowledge, only for jobs that really require Vietnamese relating skills (language, knowledge of Vietnam country...), we can get work permit there otherwise...rejected by Immigration Department. (due to some restriction of Immigration Dept).

Therefore, I want to state clearly my nationality in the subject of my post, easy for recruiters.


Xin Chao,

it will be very difficult to found a job here if you have no sponsor or family who can bring you in HK as a dependant and without this kind of Visa, it is almost impossible for a Vietnamese citizen.  Immigration is very difficult with Vietnamese citizen. I m well informed because my wife is from Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) and to get her here with me was really difficult even we get married in Hong Kong.

Why don't you try some international company in Saigon? 

Wish you good luck with your job hunting.

Kind regards