how to get jobs in hong kong from oversea?

I wish to get a job in hong kong.
I am still employed in my home country, without hongkong working visa. I wish to get a job before moving to hongkong due the living expenses is high.

What is the best place/source I can search for employment for foreigner like me?
or is it easier to get a job if i am in HongKong?

Hi Waikong,

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Try to view articles in this guide:

Work in Hong Kong.

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Hi Waikong,

I believe that depends on what kind of job you're looking for.

My friend moved to Hong Kong a couple of years ago, and I know she'd found a job before her arrival. She started working as an English teacher at a learning center called Monkey Tree in Hong Kong, and had arranged an interview and everything before actually going there.

Do you have a particular job in mind or...? :)

Hi ScarletGratton,
I am looking for IT software programmer related job.  seem like person from SEA not easy to this category job.

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