Able to live in HK with a Severe peanut allergy

I am hoping someone might  help me realizing this is not a direct expat question.

I have a daughter who is wanting to do a 4 month study abroad in Hong Hong. She has a severe peanut allergy with several anaphylactic episodes and carries an epi pen.
My question is how familiar are restaurants with this allergy and cross contamination issues. In the case of an anaphylaxis are hospitals familiar with the medical management and have equipment on site ? If one were eating in the center of the city and should need immediate care would one be able to get to a hospital and would an ambulance be able to provide interim aid? Having visited China I know that traffic was an issue to navigate, don't know if this is also the same in HK?
Are western style fast food such as Wendy's  abundant in the city?  My daughter is in business school and speaks Mandarin thus her very keen interest in doing the program. If anyone might know of a contact who would have knowledge of this issue and would be willing to share info

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Dear Linda
Although hk is a quite crowded city, the health system is among highest rating. However being able to reach an hospital in case of sickness should not be a problem as there are hospitals spreaded all over the city and easily have one near. As far as the food is concerned yes there are restaurant not using peanuts, bearing in mind, however, that you are talking about Asia, of which many dishes contains peanuts. Antway.. With due awareness it should not be a problem!

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I need to know more pls.

Thanks so much for your reply