PADEL tennis in HK

Padel Tennis is wiping out the South of Europe and growing at a very high speed everywhere. I would like to open courts in HK and I wonder where is the best place to start off. Do you have any suggestions? Do you want to play? Do you want to partner me? Please do not hesitate and send me a message right away. Take care!

Hi, i have been playing padel for a while now (10 yrs aprox.) and im curious to know whether playing in HK is an option or not. As i have relatives living in HK,(iŽll be visiting during the summer) i want to know if i should bring my padel kit with me. I have been searching up online, but unfortunately i havent been able to find any local clubs or places that offer any padel courts, do you know by anychance where i could play? Im hoping there is, cause padel definintely is a good work out as well as a great entertainment. Thanks!

I have recently played paddle tennis in Spain and really enjoyed it. I live in Hong Kong and was wondering whether there are any courts? I'm associated with a couple of private clubs and could be interested in trying to introduce paddle tennis into Hong Kong

A sport that requires special courts will certainly be extremely difficult to organise. Almost all the existing infrastructure for sports in Hong Kong is owned by schools or by the LCSD (ie the HK government). There is not enough capacity available to play popular sports ("normal" tennis, basketball, badmington etc.), developing a new sport that requires specific infrastructure would certainly be a huge challenge.

Good morning! I've been playing Padel and traveling to HK for work for more than 20 years now. And for the first time it came to mind the possibility of playing here. Are there any courts? After doing some research, It looks that I'm not the only crazy one. But still can't find a place. Any help will be welcome! 😞

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Any updates on Padel in HK?

@justpadel I' me very interested to know if any update of padel tennis in  HK

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