Do you prefer Hong kong or singapore ??


Iwould like to know how do you feel about hong kong ?? Is it a nice place to make parties and having fun.
I'am a little afraid because i used to have lot of friend in paris and there in HK, i'll know nobody.

I would also like to know if Singapore a better place to live than Hong kong ??

HK is the better partying place, while singapore is the safer and cleaner place to live in and to raise ur kids.

Hong Kong prides itself as a place to make money and a place to spend it.

Hong Kong has a large and vibrant expatriate population from all over the world. There are many friends that i have made since returning to live here last year, who moved here by themselves and have been pleasently surprised at how easy it is to make new friends and party and go out without breaking the bank.

Hong Kong is a wonderful place to live and offers a great diversity of an international city, and the comforts of a large expat community, as well as the contrast of a modern metropolis that is surrounded by some of the most beautiful and dramatic natural scenery any world class city can boast.
Hope this helps!

wow he sounds like a tourist guide

And you Williamson sound like someone who wishes they had more money!

If i wished that ill have that. Hong Kong or Singapore thats like saying Cuba or Dominican Republic

Williamson, and to say you understand what you're actually typing is like to say I understand what you're actually saying!

What was i saying? Well i know more of Hong Kong than Singapore. So frank which city do you enjoy? JW