I'm in need of a tennis partner

Hello there, i am an expat from Miami (USA) in Hong Kong and i would like to hit some tennis balls and/or play some games. If you are in need of a player please give me a try. I played in my high school team and i was ranked number 2- 3. JW

Hi, recently moved to HK from Philly.  Would definitely be interested in playing tennis.  let me know if interested.

Hello lamv02, im in HK and i can play on Sat or Sun. Have you found any courts? Let me know and we can set up a time to hit. JW

My husband can play tennis well.  he plays almost 5 days a week, after work of course.  But the location is in shanghai, although he is a hong kong chinese, he currently works in shanghai.  do you have any friends playing tennis here?

I would love to have a partner and play everyday. I have been in Hong Kong for the past three years and i have been playing basketball 5 days a week but i have only been playing tennis three days a month due to the lack of a partner. When i was in Miami i was playing tennis 4 to 5 days a week for over ten years. JW

Basketball is also a good sport, however it's pretty different from playing tennis.  My husband loves to play tennis so much so to the extent of he actually engages a personal coach to teach him play better in tennis, hence I just thought if I can get him a very good player like you, his skills will definitely be improved.  Too bad that he is now being transferred to work in shanghai.   Two to three times a month is too little.

I agree, 2 or 3 times is way not enough to stay at a good level. I enjoy tennis a lot and its a very challenging sport. Having a coach is very important and playing against good players will help your man improve. basketball is also a very intense sport that can be played alone or with a group which will require team work. JW

My husband has been engaging the same coach for nearly two years, do you think there is a need to change to another coach?  Here n HK, the fee is about HK$500 per hour, which is very expensive. Whereas in shanghai, it's about rmb200-300 per hour.  If you can play that well, perhaps you can come over to shanghai and start your profession as a coach.  The coach whom my husband has, he now lives in an expensive apartment.  Looks like he is making loads of money over here.

Yes, Your husband can easily find another coach near by and he can find one that can improve or keep his level of skills. I have met many coaches and yes many have their own style of coaching but there are a universal agreement of what is the correct fore hand and a incorrect one. Yes when i was in Miami i met some coaches who drove very nice cars but maybe it was due to the clients he had cause some were very rich and he would go to their private tennis courts. JW

I'm in need of a tennis partner  qq: 910 954 185

Ken_HK, are you in HK or Shenzhen ?

Tomorrow in HK

Haha, I would need two days advanced notice and if you or anybody are interested in hitting and/or playing tennis give me a call on my cell 69069135. My Name is JW.

Hi all there is quite a big and active community for Hong Kong at


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