Best Bars & Nightclubs in Hong Kong

Any suggestions as to where are some good bars & Nightclubs to go on a Monday Night(Eve of PH)?

Lan Kwai Fong is good for bar hopping but any other specific bars or Clubs that are good pls share your views.thanks.

Wanchai or TST in Kowloon thats about it. mind you the night clubs dont always play great dj music in Wanchai (many professional women if you want that). LKf has many small and big night clubs. JW

Thanks JW, what do you mean by (Many Professional Women if you want that)?? Is Dragon-i any good?

well prostitution is legal in Hong Kong and the night clubs are full of them like 80% of the women will offer themselves to you and state a price. Dragon-i is worth a visit and dress up real nice to get in quiker.

Legal it may be, kinky it may sound but I am not Lesbian :)

I heard so much about Dragon-i, where all the Rich and famous goes there? Let's see how true it is tonight..

Good luck yeah all the money will be close to there. JW

Thanks but I don't need the luck for money but you can wish me luck for some good music.

how was Dragon-i? I'm never a big fan of that club, too stuck up

And that is not the only stuck-up wanna be club in the city. There are also many regualr laid back bars to hang out at! JW